Published by Puffin

I am about a third of the way into this proof sent to me by Puffin. I am always pleased when I know a book to be right – and want to review it before I have finished it.

This is one such.

Charming and delightful. Beautifully and touchingly illustrated by Shane Devries.

The prologue sets the scene. A dinosaur egg survives frozen in the ice until an elf finds it in the snows of the North Pole and with a little help from some other wonderful characters returns with it back to Santa… Meanwhile William Trundle is living happily with his Dad and doing all the usual things, enjoying school and only being slightly exasperated by his Dad’s teasing. Then there is Brenda Payne. We all know / knew a Brenda Payne at school – this new girl is something else. I trust that the book will have a suitable ending… Somehow, I know it will.

If this isn’t the book for Christmas this year (good grief, I’m talking about CHRISTMAS in July) – then I will be greatly disappointed.

Tom Fletcher is the author of the Dinosaur that Pooped… collection of picture books – this one, has little reference to faecal matter, and is a proper Christmas adventure story – with a delightful dinosaur as a central character. What more could you want? It is to be published in October and really should be bought around then, and read to young story lovers (or not so young) until Christmas morning, it should be read around teatime – when quantities of crumpets should be eaten.

It is lovely – a very special volume…and, strange to tell, it is quite refreshing to read about the North Pole in July – I’m really enjoying this book.

It will, the information on the back of the proof states, be published on the 6th of October – actually it states it will hatch then. There is a very important egg in the story.  It will be released as a hardback at £9.99 – If the completed volume lives up to the potential shown by the proof, it will be a book to treasure for the future. To be a traditional part of Christmas.

Puffin haven’t released the cover onto the Internet yet. Shane Devries artwork in the proof are charmingly sketch like. I am unsure if the proof’s illustrations are indicative of those that the finished work will have. To illustrate this post though, I have snitched the above illustration from Google – an example of Shane’s coloured work, which would do just as well. So no cover illustration for this one – but keep an eye out. Put it on your list for Christmas. This is a ‘must’ buy and can be purchased from all good bookshops…who may if you are lucky also offer you other similar delights…