Published by Transworld ISBN 978 0552166621 Paperback

Published by Orion ISBN  978 1473200104 Hardback

Almost everything that could be said about Sir Terry Pratchett has been said – particularly since he joined Death and walked with him ‘through the doors and on to the black desert under the endless night’.

I am a little cautious too about posting this about Mort, as this book has been reviewed many times by others who know more about these books than I.

I cannot, however, ignore the pure pleasure that Terry Pratchett gave and gives – to everyone who read and reads his books and so must include his books on my blog pages in some form and the obvious choice for me has to be Mort

Mort is one of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels – number four in the series if you are going to read them in order. Death employes Mort to help him with his rounds and initially the benefits of such employment seem all encompassing, until Mort realises quite how the job might affect his love life.

Death, an ‘anthropomorphic personification’ is a cat fancier, and should our death actually be anything like this slightly flawed character, I will not be worried. After all you really can’t go wrong with someone who after thinking about it, answers the question

‘What is there in this life that makes living worth while?’

with the eventual reply of


For pure joy and escapism – this series is second to none. Clever, colourful and full of Terry Pratchett’s philosophy of life.

The books have recently had new editions published, nice hardbacks with blocked boards and spines priced at a little more than the paperback editions but worth every penny. (Mort / ISBN 978 1473200104) If you find yourself starting to collect the Discworld Books, do keep these in mind for those particular favourites.