Published by Egmont

This is a superb little volume. Beautifully binding Welsh myths, magic, and a modern story of friendship and bravery. It is a story of loss, but also of finding things again.

Gwyn’s grandmother gives him a collection of eclectic items for his birthday. A brooch, an old damaged toy horse, some dried seaweed, a whistle and a scarf. She tells him he might be a magician, someone from the old Welsh myths. Gwyn’s parents wish she wouldn’t fill his head with stories…

When Gwyn releases his gifts to the wind he receives things in return. Extraordinary and often beautiful things, though one is certainly dangerous.

The brooch becomes a beautiful silver spider and her webs become something mystical and beautiful allowing him to see another world.

Gwyn’s sister Bethan disappeared on the mountain behind their farm four years ago and the family still mourn and wonder about what happened to her. Gwyn is told by his Grandmother that should he be the magician she thinks he might be, then perhaps he will have his heart’s desire. Perhaps, just perhaps, Bethan will be found, and will return to her family…

A mythical and rather beautiful book for Christmas –