Published by Allison and Busby

I enjoy reading books, which is pretty obvious. I also like buying them and owning my own copies; particularly special editions, books that have been well designed and are a pleasure to handle. Libraries are all very well – and fill one part of my book-mania, however, they don’t provide anything for the second; that of owning and holding my own copy.

This book then is about the antithesis of half of what I enjoy – the actual possession of books.

The Great Library, and those that work for the library work to ensure that all books are held in the library and, therefore, they control all the knowledge therein, and its dissemination.

It is against the law to have, to hold and to own your own copy.

Jess is the son of a black market book smuggler. His brother died for the cause. His father arranges for him to compete for a position in the library as his love of books is such that it seems to be overriding his father’s business ideals. He hopes that Jess will provide him with ‘opportunities’ to gather more books for his customers, some of whom are not as book friendly as you might hope…ink-lickers…and others…

A clever, and convoluted tale about something all readers care about – books, control, power, and bravery against an oppressive regime…

This is the first Rachel Caine volume I have read. It is also the first in a new YA/Teenage series from this author. I will wait for the second book in the series with interest.

Other books that she has written include the Morganville Vampires series, and the Weather Warden series.