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Published by Walker Books

Not Yet Published June

I initially thought this was going to be a book about swimming. Which it is. It is also a story of accepting who you are. It is a tale of dreams, and hope too…

Lou Brown is about to attempt to win a race that will result in her training to become an Olympic swimmer. It all rests on this one race.

As her fingers touch the end of the pool she is certain she has won – there have been no sounds of the others for some while and she has been pushing herself to keep ahead of the pack ever since.

The results are not what she or her best friend expect.

The results are so much more than just becoming another player in Olympic dreams.

I found this book enticing and funny – I loved it – to the extent of being annoyed that my lunch break just wasn’t long enough to allow me to reach a point where it was good to stop. I shouldn’t have to go back to work when I’m in the middle of a good book at lunch…


Published by Anderson Press

This is a blast of a book – a rollicking fun-filled, super hero adventure.

It really was great fun to read. Similar to My Brother is a Super Hero by David Solomons, though instead of two brothers this is a story of two friends.

A good super hero story, with a little romance, danger, fashion, homework and good friendship thrown in for good measure.

I am not sure the cover does the book as much justice, I’m afraid, as perhaps it might – but for a good blast of super hero fun – this certainly fits the bill.