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Published by Egmont

My big sister, is bigger than me. Well actually I’m not sure she is any more, but she was. She is, though four years my elder.

When she was bigger than me, though, we didn’t always get on. She was bigger than me. Could do things I couldn’t. Did do things I couldn’t or wasn’t allowed to. She also used to tease me with the result that I used to get cross. I think that was the word we would have used. Furious would probably have been better. She would wind and wind and wind again and then without any warning whatsoever, she would back off and stop. There seemed no reason as to why this might be. It was only when we became older that she admitted to me that at a certain point I would develop red triangles on my cheeks. Beyond that point she feared to go. I’m not surprised.

I am still a person of determination. I believe in fairness. So I still get cross. Though rarely now (though I can’t be sure of this)  so cross my red triangles appear. My anger though, was then and is now, full of energy. Not a little like an earthquake…

Which brings me to this extraordinary book.

When emotionally driven, Jane Doe’s anger and or fear sparks earthquakes.

The rock shaking sort.

For this alone, I would review this book.

I am pleased to report, though, that the rest of the book is as brilliant.  Though it is certainly a darker tale of bravery, friendship, other worlds and a desperate attempt to save them all, than perhaps I usually read. I should, obviously, read more.

Characters include Jane Doe – our heroine, a teenager trying to trace her father, who is, incidentally, the epicentre of the aforementioned earthquakes. Her father – who has disappeared. Tin-skins – mechanical dogs and not the nice sort, either. Hickory, a boy with history. More than his share. Leatherheads. A key. Violet who is eight, but not any more and Roth.

You really don’t want to know about Roth. Not someone you want to meet. A mix of all those evil characters from all the books you have read, (from those books, you know the titles I mean) mixed well with the ethics and views of the Nazis.

He is an entity that really can mess with your brain, your thoughts, and who you are and, who, incidentally, it is said, happens to be immortal.

His olfactory presence too, leaves something to be desired…

Image result for cradle worlds lachlan

A book to read, if you dare. Dark, full of adventure, with stupendous new characters.

Sadly Jeremy Lachlan lives in Australia. Too far to come and sign his books. If, however, should he ever come for a trip ‘Up Above’, I would be extremely pleased to welcome him to Waterstones Finchley Road O2.
This also means that the cover may not be the one that was on the copy I read. It may be the other, also depicted on this post…

Please note – I have now finished this, and find that there will be more to come! This is marvellous news…stupendous book – hopefully Jeremy will one day come all the way from Australia and sign books in Finchley Road O2 – just not just yet!