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6th October 2015

This will be one of the year’s biggest publications for children’s books.

The fans of Rick Riordan’s books are passionate about them and will be looking forward to the publication of this the first of his latest series based on ancient myths. He has covered the Greek mythology extensively, along with the Egyptians and in this he deals with the Vikings and the Norse Gods.

Magnus Chase is Riordan’s new hero – an unwilling new recruit in Valhalla and is intricately entwined in the lead up to Ragnarok, the day of judgement, when Oden’s and his followers will fight against Loki at the end of the world.

Full of wonderful and eccentric characters and gods – this is the start of yet another Riordan adventure that will take this world by storm – gods, wolves, dwarves, elves (unlike any you have come across before), heroes, magic, battles, giants, viking ships, talking swords, valkyrie,

and a deadly squirrel…

It really needs no review – the fact that it is the start of another Rick Riordan series will be enough – buy it for his fans for Christmas. If they don’t insist that you buy it before.

Once more – since I read the proof, I can’t be certain of the cover that this will have when it is published. My copy has this Fenris wolf design, but without Magnus’ silhouette – and is, I think better for it, but I suspect the illustration will be that which is shown above….

Published by Egmont / ISBN 9781405270601

For those fascinated by Japan and all things Japanese – this is saturated with Japanese culture. Full of adventure and surprises. Detailed and clever. I know very little about Japan, so I can’t comment on accuracy, however, it certainly feels right – certainly good for anyone who is into adventure – Percy Jackson (Rick Riordan) readers should love it.

Two strong characters drive the story – Kenny a young teenager sent to Japan for a holiday and Kiyomi a young strong minded Japanese girl. In addition there is a tanuki character that adds an additional element of fun to the book – On looking up ‘tanuki’ on the Internet, I find that it is a Japanese Racoon Dog – and is also used for netsuke – in which I have a small interest and so include this picture of a tanuki netsuke

The end of this volume (the first in a series to come), was right for the story and for the series, however, it could have been a much deeper volume had the situation the characters ultimately find themselves had been different.

On reading that, I feel I’m not being very clear – but the book could have been stronger, if the end hadn’t been that which it is…if that makes any more sense… Either way – one for those who like Japan, adventure and the Percy Jackson series.