Published by Chicken House

Not yet Published – March 2016

This is a book for every one who is into insects, in particular coleoptera – otherwise known as beetles! I have to admit to enjoying the small creatures of this life, though I once decided that hissing cockroaches weren’t a particular creature I wanted to handle.

This is a wonderful glorious celebration of all things with six legs – an adventure story mixed with sentient beetles, natural history, science fiction and danger. A brilliant book that is due for publication in March next year. The descriptions of the beetles are particularly good and include the following: dung beetlesjewel beetlesgiraffe-necked weevilsGoliath, stag, bombardier,fireflies, lavender beetles, ladybirds, Atlas, Hercules, titan, rhinoceros beetles, carpet, death watch, tiger and tok-tokkies – most of which I have never heard of though I should have seen some of the giraffe-necked weevils in Madagascar. Sadly we seemed to have missed them, probably the wrong time of year.

I have taken some pictures of some of the beetles off the Internet to illustrate this post – those depicted are indicated in itallic – I haven’t yet become talented enough to attach descriptions to pictures in my blog, but you will without doubt be able to determine which insect is which.

I have taken the liberty of using a photo of Sir David Attenborough to show the relative size of the Goliath – so much more interesting than a beetle sitting on someone’s hand. The use of the photograph doesn’t of course indicate Sir David’s approval or otherwise of the book – I just thought it was a good indication of the size…

I trust that Chicken House will ensure this has a suitable cover when it is published. There are various proposals on the Internet, so I am unsure which will be used. As a result there is a pciture of a rhinocerous beetle at the beginning of this post, as one of these is so important in the story.