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Published by Pushkin.

27th September 2018

I don’t know what it is about Pushkin Press, but they seem to publish the most charming and interesting volumes. This reminds me physically, of my favourite of their books, Meet at the Ark at Eight (Hub), also a slight wonderful volume. If you haven’t read it yet, go out and buy it and read it now. At least get a copy ordered. It won’t take long.

Neither will this slim little volume. Illustrated beautifully by the author, it tells the tale of Tabetha, a mudlark in Londra, who works around the river Themse, and is asked to find a glass, which is of sentimental value, no more. Or so the gentleman insists…

This should be tucked into everyone’s stocking. At just 91 printed pages it is slim, but wonderful. A winter tale to read by a fire on Christmas day. It should become a tradition. Pushkin have bound it – so its a little bulkier than ‘Meet’ and so slightly more expensive (£9.99), it is, however, worth every penny.

I did contact Pushkin and they have promised that if Cornelia should decide to visit the UK – they will get in touch. An author I’d love to have visit Finchley Road O2 – if only so I can tell her directly how much I love her books.

Interestingly both Ulrich Hub and Cornelia Funke are both German. I have some (not a lot) of German ancestry. Perhaps that’s why I enjoy these so much. Maybe its in my blood. Either way. Both should be bought and read over Christmas…

Go out and buy them.


Published by Usborne

This is a MUST buy.

It is superb. A development of the Pied Piper of Hamelyn – full of character, magic, adventure, rats and dragons too!

There are numerous versions of the Pied Piper of Hamelyn – the earliest from around 1300 – Some relate that the Piper returned the children after payment was, at last, paid. Others state that they were taken to drown in a local river. That one child got left behind as it was lame, and couldn’t keep up, that three were – one lame, one blind and the last was deaf. An ancient legend then, with some stature – they think it was probably about the plague or perhaps depicting some sort of emigration, maybe the Children’s Crusades. No-one really knows.

No-one knows either about what happened to the Pied Piper after the events so luridly told. What happened to him? This enlarges, colours and makes a whole new legend to enjoy. It is brilliant and must be read by old and young alike. I don’t care whether you are an adult, or a child – this is a MUST buy. After all some adults are more child-like, and some children are more adult-like. So whatever your age – buy or get someone else to buy you a copy of this brilliant story.

This is the story of the Pied Piper of Hamelyn with meat on – something to really get your teeth into. A ‘proper’ book…

For FOS there are copies (or were a few days ago) – on Sue’s Selection – at Finchley Road O2 – so you can get copies there.

I wish someone had designed a GIF for this book – perhaps someone will. I wouldn’t know how to start. This is taken from The Medievalists web site…

Earliest depiction of the Pied piper

NB – Finished this today (I have been reading four books at once – never wise) – and I am so excited – THERE’S MORE TO COME – this is the start of a series…well at least two…perhaps three….we will have to see! Marvellous!