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Published by Faber and Faber.

Camps. There are camps across the world, in all sorts of different places. Filled with displaced adults and children. Of those there are too many children unaccompanied by an adult. Children on their own, surviving with just their wits and their friendship with other children also struggling to live on their own. They have lost their families; siblings and parents have died, or are just missing. Their papers too are mislaid; stolen, lost, left behind, or have disappeared into the seas as boats have turned ‘turtle’.

They are trying to live in a world that doesn’t acknowledge them. If you have no papers, then you don’t exist. Names are lost too – and unless you can prove who you are, the children in these camps become an integer, a letter, a component – certainly not a person. They go to bed hungry more often than not, but still, there are the opportunities for play, if you search for it.

This is seems to be the story of I, however, it is also the story of O, L, V and C – these characters (and others), make up this tale, this glimpse into a world that most of us ignore, or hardly acknowledge. This is the story of refugees, who just want to belong, to have somewhere to call home, someone to care.

Thought provoking.