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Published by Orion Books

This reminds me a little of Welcome to Nowhere (Elizabeth Laird’s book on the Syrian refugee crisis); this though is a tale of Tibet, of bravery, adventure, secrets, mountains, danger, and two extraordinary yaks. It is another story about man’s inhumanity to man – but it is also a tale of hope. Tash and Sam attempt to travel to India from Tibet by yak, hoping to meet the Dalai Lama and perhaps make some contribution to change.

The chapters are small, no more than a few pages, with beautifully decorated leaves in between. Simply and clearly written it is a powerful novel.

I now want to visit Tibet, the mountains and perhaps to be introduced to a yak or a dri…I suspect they are rather special creatures.



Published by Hay House

My edition’s ISBN is: 978178180560 – a lovely paperback…

This is a beautifully designed paperback. With cream thick crisp paper, printed in black with good sized margins. The cover has a picture a beautiful blue eyed cat, which I hope is an Himalayan, gazing over some monk’s habits.

I saw the book some years ago – and thought I might like to read it, but never bought it. Then the other day I was shown a copy and then when I took it to read, was told it was a reservation for a customer; so had to leave it and wait for a second copy to come in.

I know very little about the Dalai Lama, Buddhism, or the genre of ‘Mind, Body and Spirit’ – in fact it was a section I avoided. I’m not a great one for angels, or astrology and had regrettably decided that the section wasn’t for me…

A mistake – I think. Essentially this small volume relates the thoughts and deeds of the Dalai Lama’s cat, it also though, explains some of the principles of Buddhism. Amongst others: karma, kindness, the fact that what makes us unhappy isn’t, perhaps the people and things around us, but how we perceive them, that we should appreciate things now, the little things. To be mindful of things and life…it is a beautiful book and an informative one. I don’t believe I ‘caught’ everything that David Michie explains and will without doubt read it again…to remind myself of some of the lessons with in it.

This is the first ever, Mind Body and Spirit book I have bought- though it has a notation on the cover to state it is ‘a novel’ – and so it is…along with so much more – but it won’t be the last one I will buy…

I will also be purchasing of Buddhism for Busy People…also by David Michie…and any others of his that I think might be of interest…