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Walker Books

A book for those game players out there – an adventure in different realms testing Arthur, Ren and Cecily’s nerve, brains and logic in a series of adventures along with a small dog – who isn’t quite what he seems. A book encompassing everything from computer generated characters, historical figures and mystery.

It is June’s Waterstone’s Book of the Month – and since we have been open since yesterday – available for everyone to purchase and enjoy.

I am sorry not to have written any posts since ‘lock-down’ – but I hope to get more up very, very soon.


Go safely & keep well.


Published by Penguin, Random House

Not yet published at time of going to post: June 2016

I started this yesterday and I’m loving it. A superb adventure. A most uncommon adventure, to be precise. A unique fantasy – with extraordinary attention to detail and a plot full of tension. I have to admit to not having finished it yet – I’ve only got to page 149 of some 360 odd pages.  A brilliant story set in a world that exists beneath London.

Things are similar, but not the same; some things are sentient, many have abilities and uses which are unusual, not to say uncommon in London. A world with similarities to our own, but also with many important, extraordinary and uncommon differences.

It has some shades of Harry Potter, but is also something else altogether. Similar in feel, perhaps, but definitely not the same.  I am sure that when I have finished this, I will return to this post to give a fuller account of this book – which I hope and trust is the start of a series of books. If not I will be severely disappointed!

I have tried to find a picture of a nice black feather quill to illustrate this post. The significance of which I will leave for you to find out when you read the book. Sadly I  couldn’t find one that was quite right – so have resorted to this close up of black feathers, which I thought was rather beautiful. Though probably not as sinister as it should be.

Read this, and the following volumes in the series for which this is without doubt the first volume.

Or certainly should be.