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Published by Puffin

Raymond Briggs wrote The Snowman – well actually the picture book was published back in 1978 – It was a story without text.

Then Aled Jones sang that song, when it was released as a film in 1982

This though, is a review of Michael Morpurgo’s re-‘writing’ of the book. It will be available as a chapter book with beautiful soft illustrations by Robin Shaw this October.

I’m rather surprised this hasn’t been done before, but there you go. It seems that it is the 40th anniversary of the original book. Michael Morpurgo has written a book that reflects the magic of the original. Though I do remember a scarf being left behind…I must read the original again. The tone is just right for those who enjoy a proper story at bed time and are looking for more than a book of pictures.

A book for Christmas…

Actually, he sang it rather well…looking at it now. Then, it was played everywhere…This rendition was recorded from Top of the Pops…now there’s a name to conjure with.


Published by Fourth Estate.

Ravens. Their peripatetic wanderings on foot have been described as like that of ‘a very particular gentleman with exceedingly tight boots on, trying to walk over loose pebbles.’

In flight, however, they exhibit a joy and a vivaciousness – able to fly upside down, but always with aerobatic precision. They are extraordinary birds.

This is a celebration of ravens. Of the relationship between one man and the birds of the tower. There really is only one tower – The Tower of London.

Chris Skaife has been Ravenmaster at The Tower since 2011 – and this is in a way of an ode to the birds, mixed with a good reflection on the history, traditions and legends of that extraordinary building and of course, the birds.

It is a wonderful story of their lives and the difficulties that result should you not give them the respect due, or happen to change the order in which things are done.

It seems Ravens are creatures of habit.

This is a wonderful celebration of an avian and human relationship – quite wonderful.



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Published by Faber & Faber

Cyber bullying. Eli Bennett isn’t into cyber bullying, but he is into hacking, just to show he can get into sites – he scared himself once when he released information which resulted in a shooting. Luckily no one was hurt, but since then, he’s been careful, removing, as much as possible any trace of his electronic footprint.

When Jordan Bishop died as a result of bullying, both cyber and ‘live’, their school cracked down on the use of computer programs which began to inhibit their general use – which has wide reaching repercussions. This is a tale of system failure, jealousy, shame, and cowardice…its a story of a young man trying to control a monster he has developed before its too late.

This is another brilliant story from Erin Lange – all Erin’s books are punchy – with a tale to tell – a reflection on life and how people behave towards one another, when the proverbial chips are down…

Another brilliant one – particularly for those computer people out there, of which I am not one!

The cover – is that of the proof, so I’m not sure if this will reflect the actual one the book will have…