Published by Pushkin Children’s Books

This slim charming volume of just 62 pages is a wonderfully illustrated story of Noah’s ark – with a difference. Three penguins are arguing in the snow and ice. After all there is not much to do in a landscape just made up of snow and ice.

Thus starts one of the most amusing and thought-provoking books that I have read in a very, very long time. Liberally illustrated by Jorg Muhle, and translated from the German.

As the flap in the front so beautifully describes:

Meet the Ark at Eight! is  a delight: the funny, odd and strangely moral story of three penguins, a plump, overworked dove, a beautiful butterfly that may, or may not get done in, and a quite apologetic God.

To me and being slightly sacrilegious – this is how the bible should be…at least this is the tale of the ark as it should be told.

I never thought about the dove in that way, but will do so for ever more.

It really is a book that should be tucked into all parcels for Christmas      (it does have snow, ice and penguins) – or at least shared by everyone as they sit around a fire…

It took me just an hour to read one of our copies at work. We had three. We now have only one in stock.