Published by Usborne

This is a MUST buy.

It is superb. A development of the Pied Piper of Hamelyn – full of character, magic, adventure, rats and dragons too!

There are numerous versions of the Pied Piper of Hamelyn – the earliest from around 1300 – Some relate that the Piper returned the children after payment was, at last, paid. Others state that they were taken to drown in a local river. That one child got left behind as it was lame, and couldn’t keep up, that three were – one lame, one blind and the last was deaf. An ancient legend then, with some stature – they think it was probably about the plague or perhaps depicting some sort of emigration, maybe the Children’s Crusades. No-one really knows.

No-one knows either about what happened to the Pied Piper after the events so luridly told. What happened to him? This enlarges, colours and makes a whole new legend to enjoy. It is brilliant and must be read by old and young alike. I don’t care whether you are an adult, or a child – this is a MUST buy. After all some adults are more child-like, and some children are more adult-like. So whatever your age – buy or get someone else to buy you a copy of this brilliant story.

This is the story of the Pied Piper of Hamelyn with meat on – something to really get your teeth into. A ‘proper’ book…

For FOS there are copies (or were a few days ago) – on Sue’s Selection – at Finchley Road O2 – so you can get copies there.

I wish someone had designed a GIF for this book – perhaps someone will. I wouldn’t know how to start. This is taken from The Medievalists web site…

Earliest depiction of the Pied piper

NB – Finished this today (I have been reading four books at once – never wise) – and I am so excited – THERE’S MORE TO COME – this is the start of a series…well at least two…perhaps three….we will have to see! Marvellous!