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Published by BBC Books/Penguin/Puffin

I haven’t finished this one yet – and its a bit of a bother. I have masses of rather dull jobs to do and keep being distracted.

I am a fan of Doctor Who. Always have been. I was of the generation that hid behind the settee. I am that sort of age…My Doctor, was an early Doctor. I won’t tell you which.  None-the-less I do enjoy the new incarnations – though Matt Smith, I’m afraid wasn’t one of my favourites. Just looked too young.

This book is about the most recent Doctor.  Once again the galaxy is in danger. Once again the Doctor has been summonsed.

I am thoroughly enjoying this horticultural space odyssey and adventure. There are as always little gems that make me smile in good books, and there are more than enough in this…it is a book to revel in. I would suggest reading it in the garden. It’s too cold, however, so do as I did yesterday, last night and this morning…curl up inside with a mug of tea and the Doctor…

One negative. There is a disadvantage about reading stories of Doctor Who. You don’t get the sound effect of the T.A.R.D.I.S. – which is such a comforting sound.

The Doctor may be from Gallifrey, but I feel that we in the UK, have perhaps more of an affinity with him. We only need one Doctor.

I forgot – David Solomons is coming to Waterstones Finchley Road on Sunday 25th November to sign copies of this and My Arch Enemy is a Brain in a Jar.

I don’t believe the Doctor will be in too – but you never know. She just might, perhaps turn up – wouldn’t it be marvellous if she did!


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Published by BBC Books / Penguin Random House / Target Books

Dr Who. Iconic – brilliant and British.

Secretly, I rather hope there is a Dr out there – not necessarily to just protect us from the Daleks, Nestene Consciousness and all the other aliens out there…but also from ourselves…our politicians…

That aside I have always enjoyed watching Dr Who – especially, when small, after persuading my Dad  that it was ‘the last in the series…‘ and to come and be with us as the Daleks tried once more to take over the world. We were always safe if Dad was there…More recently I have enjoyed the new regenerations (also with Dad, though sometimes afterwards on the telephone) – starting with Christopher Eccleston… though Matt Smith was definitely not one of my favourites. He looked too young…and was obviously younger than I, which seems incongruous – however legitimate, for the Dr.

Image result for doctor who rose bookRecently ‘they’ have published a few of these more recent stories as books – and the first I read was this – Rose.

I hadn’t read a Dr Who story for a very long time and found that I loved it more than watching it on TV. Perhaps because I had seen it, but also because there seemed to be more background in the book than the programme. Then again it might have been that I just missed the detail whilst watching it.

I can highly recommend these. They are not, it has to be said ‘literature’.  They are pure fun – for those of us who enjoy Dr Who…for those of us who want a little light entertainment…to laugh out loud on the tube and to secretly hope that there is someone out there…who can whisper just six words….

My Dr? Probably Jon Pertwee – the third regeneration…