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Published by Hodder

This small paperback was purchased because I have been watching the odd antiques programme (Antiques Road Show, Antiques Road Trip and the various versions of Bargain Hunt too), on television for a very long time. The author is one of the antique dealers often working as one of the experts, giving advice and sometimes ‘competing’.

I enjoy learning a little about antiques, but I also enjoy watching the auctions. How the auctioneer entices, cajoles, encourages and frankly manipulates the bidders into going just a little bit further. I think my fascination results from my book selling experience. In particular my hand selling techniques, for want of a better term.

I do not hand sell books to customers for whom the book wouldn’t be right. I have on several occasions taken a book from a customer and given them another to have instead – particularly when the recipient is going to be one of the younger readers out there. Adults I’m afraid have to see to themselves. I will though, entice, cajole, encourage and sometimes manipulate my customers, if I think the book is right, is a good one and I know that they will miss out if they don’t have it.

This is a book of Philip Serrell’s first forays into the world of antiques – with all the characters and incidents that you would expect. It reminds me a little of the James Herriot veterinary books – full of small stories of the trials and tribulations, in this case of an inexperienced prospective antiques dealer.

Odd phrases stand out – ‘…which had left my confidence as low as a dachshund’s tummy…’

A book of fakes, characters and livestock – its a lovely dip into another life…