Published by Oxford University Press

Not yet Published at time of going to Press: January 2016

The proof of this book details the title as Silent Thief, however, the pictures on the Internet seem to indicate it will be published under the title: The Scarlet Files: Cat Burglar. My proof has a pre-publication cover – one without any illustration.

I hope that before publication they remove the reference to cat burglary – I prefered Silent Thief, which gave no indication of content.

I suppose by all of that I have promoted the theme of this wonderful adventure story – but to ensure you have a picture to help you track the book down I feel that was necessary. So a book with two titles…

This was brilliant fun – Scar’s father is a professional cat burglar and she is learning the trade at her father’s feet… She hasn’t done much on her own, just yet, but things develop fast in this story that mixes adventure with fantasy. I loved it.

They aren’t the usual sort of cat burglars – their quarry is different from the usual and has a different sort of history.

Fantastical and fun – I hope there will be more Scarlet Files – certainly an author and possible series to watch.