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Published by Macmillan

ISBN 9781447283553

Not yet published – August 2015

This is a tale about witchcraft and witch hunts. A tale of a witch who doesn’t know of her abilities and quite why her mother has kept her away from everyone. Until the day her mother is trapped by a demon and she is left on her own.

Well, not quite. A small dormouse with an attitude takes up the position as her familiar and with this diminutive but determined friend she sets out to find her mother and things take a very dark turn.

A book about witches from another perspective.


Sadly there doesn’t seem to be a cover published yet – so I thought I would illustrate this post with an image of a dormouse to celebrate Hazel’s familiar…

Published by Chicken House / ISBN 978 1910002230

Not yet published – July 2015

This covers everything from friendship, betrayal, life, responsibility and of course the baby – it all starts with a party and… the baby.

Well written, and at times quite graphic – with at least one twist, I didn’t see coming at all. The end is a little abrupt – you are definitely left wanting to know what happens next, and I was sorry that the finish came when it did.

Olivia and Nicola are friends, and share everything. Olivia seems to have it all, but does she? A story of many stories within – and each chapter details each character’s tale… Not the usual, girl meets boy…

Published by Egmont / ISBN 9781405270601

For those fascinated by Japan and all things Japanese – this is saturated with Japanese culture. Full of adventure and surprises. Detailed and clever. I know very little about Japan, so I can’t comment on accuracy, however, it certainly feels right – certainly good for anyone who is into adventure – Percy Jackson (Rick Riordan) readers should love it.

Two strong characters drive the story – Kenny a young teenager sent to Japan for a holiday and Kiyomi a young strong minded Japanese girl. In addition there is a tanuki character that adds an additional element of fun to the book – On looking up ‘tanuki’ on the Internet, I find that it is a Japanese Racoon Dog – and is also used for netsuke – in which I have a small interest and so include this picture of a tanuki netsuke

The end of this volume (the first in a series to come), was right for the story and for the series, however, it could have been a much deeper volume had the situation the characters ultimately find themselves had been different.

On reading that, I feel I’m not being very clear – but the book could have been stronger, if the end hadn’t been that which it is…if that makes any more sense… Either way – one for those who like Japan, adventure and the Percy Jackson series.