Published by Nosy Crow

This is the story of an Italian family in Wales. It is a story of immigration. Of nationalities, and of the war.

It is also a story of food. Quality Italian food. The stuff that makes you salivate.

Joe loves his Italian heritage, the café  his great-grandfather  founded, and his family. The café though is slowly dying, as is the high street. Slowly he realises that he can’t let his inheritance disappear. The café is bound up in the history of the village and there is so much more to it, than just a place to buy a coffee.

It is a book about family. About tradition. Respect and doing the right thing.

Gemin also wrote Cowgirl – which was also a good feeling story – and both were a real pleasure to read and enjoy. There is a small amount of historical notes, along with some details about opera, and even a few pages giving recipes…

I love the idea of a sweet pizza, but have never come across a restaurant that offers one…