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Published by David Fickling Books.

I’m not surprised that this has been published by David Fickling Books. They often pick those books that go a little further, are a little bit more than the usual.

Some of you may be aware that I am interested in Madagascar. Both the animals, but also the anthropology. The more I learn about the people and tribes of Madagascar, the more I have fallen for the country. They are a fascinating ‘people’, if I can generalise like that, about an island with so many different beliefs and lives. Fascinating and awe inspiring.

This new book by Candy Courlay is set in the Philippines. A tale of a conflict of nations, of beliefs, traditional and new world concepts, sciences and understanding.

A story of a boy, who just wants to become a man. To celebrate that and to be someone his tribe and his father can be proud of.

This is an extraordinary story – which reminded me of Madagascar and the conflicts and problems that that country faces.

This is moving and is important. A book of differences. A book of people.

A book about responsibility.

A book about who people are.