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Published by BBC Books/Penguin/Puffin

I haven’t finished this one yet – and its a bit of a bother. I have masses of rather dull jobs to do and keep being distracted.

I am a fan of Doctor Who. Always have been. I was of the generation that hid behind the settee. I am that sort of age…My Doctor, was an early Doctor. I won’t tell you which.  None-the-less I do enjoy the new incarnations – though Matt Smith, I’m afraid wasn’t one of my favourites. Just looked too young.

This book is about the most recent Doctor.  Once again the galaxy is in danger. Once again the Doctor has been summonsed.

I am thoroughly enjoying this horticultural space odyssey and adventure. There are as always little gems that make me smile in good books, and there are more than enough in this…it is a book to revel in. I would suggest reading it in the garden. It’s too cold, however, so do as I did yesterday, last night and this morning…curl up inside with a mug of tea and the Doctor…

One negative. There is a disadvantage about reading stories of Doctor Who. You don’t get the sound effect of the T.A.R.D.I.S. – which is such a comforting sound.

The Doctor may be from Gallifrey, but I feel that we in the UK, have perhaps more of an affinity with him. We only need one Doctor.

I forgot – David Solomons is coming to Waterstones Finchley Road on Sunday 25th November to sign copies of this and My Arch Enemy is a Brain in a Jar.

I don’t believe the Doctor will be in too – but you never know. She just might, perhaps turn up – wouldn’t it be marvellous if she did!


Published by Nosy Crow

This is a book for those followers of superheros, whether they be Batman, Superman or any of the others that regularly save the world from destruction. This is not a graphic novel. Initially I wasn’t sure about this one and felt it was perhaps too light. I have, since I finished it, however, changed my mind.

A younger brother finds his brother has been given super powers. With that comes responsibility and he finds that he gains responsibilities too, that both surprise and challenge him. A superhero needs not only support, a cloak, but a mask and secrecy too.

Further more, there is usually someone out there, who is trying to take over or destroy the world and sometimes a superhero can do with a little help. Well quite a bit.

This was great fun, it also dealt with some serious issues. If your brother is a superhero has been captured, what exactly do you tell your parent’s? Especially the day before the world is due to end…

Light, but fun and we can all do with a little of that!

Once more, I am unsure as to whether the cover will stay as it is advertised on the ‘Net’ – advertised for July.