Published by Scholastic / ISBN 978 1407155791 / Not yet published – 4th June 2015

I received a proof (pre-publication) copy of this book from the publisher at lunch time today. At the moment I am reading another two proofs for teenagers (Stone Rider / David Hofmeyr & If you were Me / Sam Hepburn), and finished this morning Dan Scott’s first Gladiator School volume (Blood Oath) on the way in to work and am trying to read about Madagascar as well. So there is a lot going on with my reading at the moment. I didn’t really need to start to read this one – but the cover was enticing and I read the Prologue (just four pages), very quickly and thought it was


So much so I actually exclaimed ‘Brilliant’ out loud. Luckily noone was around to hear me…

I have since read a further twenty pages and I am still of the same opinion. This book, if it continues to be as enticing and well written as these first 24 pages have been, should be a best seller.

The prologue details the story of an elderly sheep farmer investigating strange noises and goings on amongst her flock…and the results of her night time walk amongst them. The first 20 pages of the first chapter  introduces the reader to Alfie the eponymous character and…a raven.

The book is (at least in proof form) well printed, on good paper, and looks as though it will have a brilliant cover. I will of course review the book properly when I have finished it – which shouldn’t take long, but I wanted to let you know how good it is now… Get your orders in – I am certain this book will turn out to be one of the best. I am also pleased to report that it seems this will be the first of a trilogy – there is a note inside to say volume 2 will be out in 2016, and the third in 2017 – which is always good news.

I finished this late last night – I hate leaving a book with only a couple of pages to go, and yes this did fulfil its potential. Lots of danger, dark and twisted – I am certainly looking forward to the second volume, next year – since there is an ISBN you can order this now to ensure you get a copy…