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The second volume in the Adventures in Train Series and is as good as the first –  The Highland Falcon Thief, just as I expected. So this is a bit of a late review. I should have read it when it was first out, but, knowing it was brilliant – I didn’t need to – its easy to sell Maya Leonard and Sam Sedgman’s books even without reviews.

Once more Hal and his uncle Nat are embarking on an extraordinary holiday/work trip – this time across America. Hal’s observations of people even before the train begins its journey has him aware that things on the trip might be a little different…

You don’t have to read these in order – you can if you wish, read this one first – if you so desire and have a thing for trains in America (in particular the California Zephyr) – without hindrance. You don’t have to have read the Highland Falcon Thief…but why not purchase both? You may find they are part of a deal.

The third book Murder on the Safari Star is out in February 2021 – but these would be a wonderful Christmas present for anyone into trains or mysteries…

Buy them!

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Published by Macmillan Children’s Books

NY Published: Thursday 5th March

M.G. Leonard – the author of the phenomenal Beetle Boy series has collaborated with Sam Sedgman for this new book – a proper adventure – of the old school. Just as good as Beetle Boy – but about steam trains. 

Stupendous – a crime / adventure story for all of  M.G. Leonard’s fans, but also for those out there who are ‘into’ steam trains… It is the start of a series of four books – and you really need to get on to this from the beginning.

Harrison’s adventure starts as he joins a royal train, taking its last run through Scotland, before being retired. He is the only child on the train – and initially he’s really not that interested.

All that changes as the journey progresses and a bracelet goes missing…

You can pre-order copies of this now. It’s brilliant.

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