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Kidnap on the California Comet Adventures on Trains: Leonard,  M. G., Sedgman, Sam, Paganelli, Elisa: Books

Macmillan Children’s Books

The second volume in the Adventures in Train Series and is as good as the first –  The Highland Falcon Thief, just as I expected. So this is a bit of a late review. I should have read it when it was first out, but, knowing it was brilliant – I didn’t need to – its easy to sell Maya Leonard and Sam Sedgman’s books even without reviews.

Once more Hal and his uncle Nat are embarking on an extraordinary holiday/work trip – this time across America. Hal’s observations of people even before the train begins its journey has him aware that things on the trip might be a little different…

You don’t have to read these in order – you can if you wish, read this one first – if you so desire and have a thing for trains in America (in particular the California Zephyr) – without hindrance. You don’t have to have read the Highland Falcon Thief…but why not purchase both? You may find they are part of a deal.

The third book Murder on the Safari Star is out in February 2021 – but these would be a wonderful Christmas present for anyone into trains or mysteries…

Buy them!

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Published by Macmillan Children’s Books

NY Published: Thursday 5th March

M.G. Leonard – the author of the phenomenal Beetle Boy series has collaborated with Sam Sedgman for this new book – a proper adventure – of the old school. Just as good as Beetle Boy – but about steam trains. 

Stupendous – a crime / adventure story for all of  M.G. Leonard’s fans, but also for those out there who are ‘into’ steam trains… It is the start of a series of four books – and you really need to get on to this from the beginning.

Harrison’s adventure starts as he joins a royal train, taking its last run through Scotland, before being retired. He is the only child on the train – and initially he’s really not that interested.

All that changes as the journey progresses and a bracelet goes missing…

You can pre-order copies of this now. It’s brilliant.

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Published by Scholastic.

This could be described as just an ‘extra’ book – one to accompany Maya Leonard’s Beetle Boy trilogy, that has swept the world over the last few years. Similar to those slim books that are published along side the Harry Potter series.

I would though, have to disagree. This is so much more.

It is a reference book (a real one) for all those newly inspired lovers of all things coleoptera and also for those who have known and loved beetles all their lives.

It is, frankly, beautifully illustrated by Carim Nahaboo.

That is a bit of an understatement.

It is full of interesting facts, figures and as I said, some superb illustrations.

It seems to have been owned by Darkus (from the Beetle Boy trilogy for those of you who still haven’t read the books) – and so there are some ‘soiled’ and, or pages that have been ‘written on’. I am glad to say that these additions haven’t affected the illustrations…

One thing to note, for some reason that I can never understand, the publishers have (as so many do) decided that the book requires a sticker on the cover to advertise the Beetle Boy connection. When removed, this damages the cover, lifting the red colour. Which is a pity. The sticker wasn’t necessary. I have a first edition tucked away for me at work (I haven’t had time to buy it yet), but hope that perhaps some will be published without this. It may mean I have to buy two. One first edition, the other a later one.

On the positive side I can confirm that

Maya Leonard is coming to Waterstones O2

on Sunday the 24th of November

to our Christmas Book Festival.

She will be signing copies of this gorgeous book.

Come and meet her and talk all things beetle!


I have just looked up Carim Nahaboo and have found the following site:

Purchases can be made of postcards of everything from mammals to – yes invertebrates including beetles…and there are some silver examples that are sometimes available to buy, by discerning coleoptera lovers…