Published by Gecko Press

There are not, in my opinion many good books for 5 – 8 year old readers. For those young readers who are just beginning to enjoy and find out about reading – learning to disappear into another world, to learn about this one, new words, a turn of phrase, to experience a good story, well told.

The author and illustrator of this the first Dani book I have read are Swedish. The English is straightforward and simply used. The illustrations complement the story beautifully too.

Dani is staying with her friend whilst her father is in hospital. He rings each night, the highlight of her day, until one day he doesn’t. She and Ella do everything together so the next morning she goes to talk to her about it. Then Sven, her cousin arrives too and it seems he knows something he’s not supposed to tell…and Dani is confused and upset to hear about her father’s new friend…

This is a touching story, beautifully written that covers the subject of introducing someone new to a family of two. It covers jealousy and fear and is also just a lovely story too – of making and selling coffee, juice and buns to people who arrive at the island,  of swimming in the sea, and violin playing. It is a story of friendship – its lovely.

There are three other titles in the collection: My Happy Life, My Heart is Laughing, and When I am Happiest. I haven’t seen these, but I am sure they are similar to this one – books to be savoured.