Published by Chicken House / Not yet published at time of going to post: September 2015

I have read 295 pages of the 368 that make up this proof and I can’t remember when I have enjoyed a book as much. Which is why I am reviewing it before I have finished it. There are books like that, that you want to read, but also that you don’t want to end, and this is one of them.

It is the tale of two stories plaited together, switching back and forth between the present day and 1867. Tales of Montana, and four characters bound together. Two love stories entwined. There is history, drama, horses, adventure and everything to hope for. I trust the last 70 odd pages are as good as the first 300 – we will see. A book to look out for and to savour.

I finished this on the train to work this morning.

I cried.

The ending is as it should be – a brilliant bitter-sweet tale of adventure and romance.