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apprentice-witch-665x1024Published by Chicken House

Not yet published – July 2016

Another brilliant story from the Chicken House. Arianwyn has been training for her witch’s assessment test at the beginning of the book and the result of the examination results in her being sent to a remote small country location and labelled as an Apprentice Witch…

This book is darker than you might expect from the cover, which had me thinking of a Jill Murphy type tale written for older readers. Nothing like this happened to the Worst Witch though – this is a very different animal all together and is brilliant.

It is the story of bravery, self-belief, friendship and adventure – it was wonderful a real pleasure to read…



Published by Chicken House

Not yet Published at time of going to Post: April 2016

I don’t read the blub on proofs, quite intentionally. They can spoil a story, or lead me to think I don’t want to read it for some reason or another. There have been several proofs over the years that I have loved, but would not have read if I had realised the subject matter. This was one such. I enjoy music, but I don’t have a large selection and I know very little -it is a rather eclectic mix of CDs too – most are bought because of the memory the music invokes, not necessarily the music itself. I haven’t been to many rock concerts either, and those I have were a long time ago…

Love Song is about music. It’s about boy bands, and their fans and begins with a description of a meet and greet – which reminded me of an event I helped monitor when I worked in Harrods – Aerosmith were due to come to sign their album, and I was pulled in to help with the crowd. For some reason I’m always put at the end of the official line to tell the late comers they were too late…and typically on this occasion that is what happened. There were two school girls there who had bunked off school, I remember…almost hysterical with excitement, but willing to wait to just see them.

They were late.

Very late.

So late the store had closed by the time they came, and the two girls with a long queue of hopefuls were still hanging around behind me. Aerosmith did the right thing though, and insisted on seeing everyone, which resulted in one of my two running  down the line afterwards to thank me, tears pouring down her face to tell me he had spoken to her…her favourite member had spoken to her… It was quite an evening, and having heard their latest hit so many times, I actually began to enjoy the music….

So Love Song starts with an occasion I could relate to – though thankfully we didn’t have a fire…there is music, beauty, handsome boys with that smile, and a brilliant description of relationships burgeoning and falling away…

To be honest, I loved the book – it has a list of the music that is mentioned in the story and I think it would be quite something to listen to some of it whilst reading it.

Enjoy this – it is lovely and has the right ending too…

As to the cover, it wouldn’t have encouraged me to read the book (apologies to those concerned), but working as I do with the belief never ‘to judge a book etc.’, I have found a gem – a real gem of a story.


Published by Egmont

Not yet published at time of going to post – 30th June 2016

I am slightly embarrassed that I had forgotten about Robin Jarvis. I read The Deptford Mice many years ago, but it was only when I looked him up on Fantastic Fiction that I was reminded of it.

I read The Power of Dark, within 24 hours of the proof being placed in my hands, and it really was a superb tale. whitby-002 Set in that small town, in the west of Yorkshire, Whitby –  a town known for its gothic weekends,  Bram’s Stoker’s Dracula, the church and abbey, fishing, jet, and witches. This is a tale of witches, both old and new. A tale of good, against evil, and ancient magic and forces conspiring to bring a ancient feud to a head…

Absolutely brilliant.

I visited Whitby a few years ago and this reminded me of that glorious weekend I had walking its streets and watching the sea – it made me want to go back again…

As I said above, I looked Robin Jarvis up on Fantastic Fiction (a superb site that lists fiction titles to author’s) and Robin has quite a back list, apart from The Deptford Mice, including a series of books set in Whitby – The Whitby series, published in the early 1990s

This book though looks to be a new tale about the town, and the story finishes with the opportunity for further books to be published about  Lil and Verne. I hope that promise is followed through – I liked Lil and Verne, but to be honest my favourite characters were Sal, and Cherry Cerise…

Buy it, and read it.