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Published by Bodley Head

Not yet Published at time of going to Post: 28th January 2016

This is a curious book. If it were to have a sub genre I would place it along side John Boyne’s The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas and The Boy at the Top of the Mountain and perhaps Markus Zusak’s The Book Thief.  I think, though, on reflection, it had characteristics in feel to that of the Boy in the Striped Pyjamas than that of Zusak’s novel.

On the 6th of November 1939 Anna’s father had to go away for a few hours. He left shortly after eleven o’clock. He did not come home again.

That in a way, says it all. It is the story, initially, of how Anna searches for her father. It then relates her meeting with the Swallow Man and what follows after. A book that I read with hope that it would all turn out well, with the knowledge that little in those circumstances did.

I read the proof that was sent to me and the cover that was used on that seems to be the one that is being advertised by Bodley Head – so with luck it will be the same.

Published by Harper Collins

This is atmospheric and touching. The story of a young girl found on one of the uninhabited Scilly Isles in 1915…

The war coloured everything and the recent sinking of the Lusitania was one of the darkest periods of the war for the British that exacerbated people’s uncertainties and worries.

This is a story of people, with their prejudices and fears so close to the surface, that their reactions to anything strange or different changed their usual perceptions and beliefs.

The friendship between Alfie and this young wounded piece of human flotsam develops beautifully through the book.

There is history mixed with a moving story of an almost mute child thrown literally into the maelstrom of war. The parallel story of the S.S. Schiller and how the islanders tried to help that stricken ship was not one I knew about, let alone the resulting order that was to provide an area of protection around the islands forty odd years later.

Michael Morpurgo is probably one of the most recognised authors of Children’s Fiction – I have read, War Horse, Private Peaceful amongst others. All of his books have poignancy – and this new paperback is similarly endowed.

Published by Hachette / ISBN 978 1444011067

This is the most beautiful edition of my favourite Marcus Sedgwick book. Set in 1915 it tells of a young girl’s struggle with the curse of second sight as her brother’s go off to war and the Somme. No-one believes what she says and this is the tale of her bravery and her extraordinary response to the tragedy that she has seen, but hasn’t yet come to pass.

It is as always with Marcus a superbly crafted story and this edition complements the text exquisitely. It really is a lovely book to handle. Try to purchase this edition while stocks are out there.