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Published by Walker Books

This is superbly illustrated by Nicola Bayley – the detail and colours are perfect and fit the story beautifully. This is a book to treasure. A lovely story – with gorgeous illustrations – definitely for those who love cats…

Simply magical.

Published by Anderson Press

This is one of the funniest books to come from the Jeanne Willis stable. We have all wondered who is holding up the queue for the loo – perhaps it is an Elephant having a …. or maybe a mole has fallen down the pan…the range of animals that might be causing the delay is wide and rather wonderful…

As with the best of Jeanne Willis’ books there is a lesson to be learnt – after all Octopus is only doing what his mother has always told him to do. It just takes him a little longer.

Perfect for those smaller readers who enjoy all things bottom and loo related. Bound to cause much laughter!

Published by Frances Lincoln Children’s Books

This is so much more than a story book. Beautifully illustrated it relates the story of Isabelle and her friend and companion, Pickle her dog. Vibrant and a superb gift it details the four seasons as they occur throughout their adventure.

What really makes this a superb volume is the music. Each page has a button which when pressed plays a small excerpt of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons to go along with the story. It brilliantly allows young people to experience a gorgeous piece of classical music mixed with a lovely narrative and beautiful illustrations. The rendition is as good as many CD’s I have heard play; it is not a ‘noisy’ book – it does not fit into that genre – the book plays music.

I am pleased to note that there are to be more books like this produced by Frances Lincoln Children’s Books. I am hoping that the next piece will be either, the Nutcracker or perhaps better still, the 1812 – what fun to have a book with cannons!



Published now by Penguin.

This charming black and white story originally published in 1936 is one of the oldest children’s books that is still in print.

American, with black and white possibly lino illustrations it tells the story of Ferdinand, a bull in Spain who is a rather peaceful fellow. More inclined to sit under his cork tree than to run around with the other young bulls, who are always butting their heads together. He likes to smell the flowers. His mother (as mothers do), worries about him, but he is content to just smell the flowers. That is until he has the misfortune to sit on a bee…

Gorgeous naïve illustrations that I have loved since I was a child… When I first helped set up the Children’s Books section in Harrod’s and came across this – I was so pleased, it was like meeting a very old friend again.



Published by Bloomsbury

This post must not be read by my friend Min, till after her birthday, or Christmas this year (2016). I liked this book so much I have bought her a copy and she mustn’t read it till she had got her copy from me.

Not only is this a superb little book, with a most intriguing and slightly worrying story, it is also illustrated by Emily Gravett. It was for this reason, really that I read the only copy we had in stock. I am a great fan of Emily Gravett’s picture books (Spells, Wolves, Blue Chameleon, & Meerkat Mail amongst others) and picked this up as a result. It has those wonderful folded covers that give strength to paperbacks, and a rather fun illustration on the cover.

It is the tale of imaginary friends. It is not the usual tale of imaginary friends and is I think a little disturbing. I have never thought of their being a community of characters employed as imaginary friends for ‘real’ people, or for that matter that some of them might not be as benign as we are led to believe.

This was marvellous. If I am ever given the opportunity to purchase a signed copy of this, or a print, or even an original drawing (I would love just a print of Zinzan) I shall do so.

It is a remarkable and unique volume…

I hope Min hasn’t read it or got it…

Published by Red Fox / ISBN 9781849415262

Possibly the best retelling of the Nativity – the story of Jesus’ birth from the point of view of the inn keeper. A point of view that has been long ignored. It can’t have been an easy night…a full inn, then a baby…followed by numerous people suddenly turning up in the middle of the night. Let alone the chorus of angels. Probably worse than a dawn chorus… Brilliant.

Published by Hachette Children’s Group / ISBN 978 1408330036

The dark. Can be very dark. This story about how one night the dark visits Laszlo in his room and how he bravely confronts his fears… It is the illustrations that make this book so powerful, pertinent and wonderful.

I remember so well the darkness depicted in this book…Jon Klassen has managed to show how darkness can fill a room and how light can cut through darkness,  – an extraordinary piece of work and collaboration.

Published by Puffin / ISBN 978 0141338675

This is a gorgeous book about how everyone is different and everyone is ‘something else’.

A small blue creature finds that he is not tall enough and doesn’t have good enough  hand to eye coordination to play with the others – and he quickly realises that to be ‘something else‘ isn’t a good thing and goes home. A while later a different creature turns up on his doorstep and really just asks if he can be his friend, if they can hang out together, but he’s different, he’s ‘something else’. Our little blue monster starts to turn him away. Just before he does, though, he realises that if he really is something else, then really, they are both the same (though different) and they make friends.

Everything is fine, until something else knocks on his door….Sadly I haven’t been able to track down a picture of that particular ‘something else’, so you will have to buy the book to see…

Illustrated by that superb author and artist Chris Riddell…

Published by Anderson Press / ISBN 978 1842709900

Susan laughs, she spins, she throws, she feels…she does and is many things. She is also in a wheelchair. A touching and subtle first experience book from the Willis & Ross stable.

Published by Anderson Press / ISBN 978 1783441617

A timely warning to those who hope to find easy friendship on the Internet. Not everything is necessarily as it seems…

It may seem extraordinary that such a book is necessary for such a readership, however, the world is not as it was and many youngsters are more knowledgeable than many adults about how to use the Internet, but are not necessarily as wise about what they may or may not come across whilst surfing the net…

Simply a gorgeous introduction to the wiles of the Internet (and foxes).