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Published by Chicken House

Whales, wild, evocative, extraordinary and emotive. This is a story of the sea, whales, secrets and people. The chances they take and the promises they make.

Set on the coast of Scotland Fraser lives with his younger brother, who hasn’t spoken for years. Hayley, a young American visitor is bored and irritated by the isolation the result of a decision by her mother. Fraser, Hayley and Dunny are thrown together when a body is found on the beach…

I would love to think that people such as gairmie exist, (though I hate the idea that they might have been used in the whaling industry in the past)… Perhaps they still do…

Published by Hot Key Books

Not yet published: 27th August 2015

This engrossing story covers everything. Including secrets, sexuality, conformity, bravery, revolution and protest in an intense and unforgettable intricate story of what might have been should the modern world be run by a Nazi state.

Jessika Keller follows the directives given by the government and her parents. She has never questioned them. Unthinking this talented girl’s interests revolve around her ice-skating and her family until she becomes best friend with Clementine Hart who doesn’t, isn’t and who questions everything.

This is not an easy book to read. Much of it is related in history and much of it still goes on today. A book with dark depths that will have readers thinking about the issues raised in it long after the book is closed.

It’s about friendship, and about whether you should do what is right, or what is safe…

It is a book of stature – a book of importance.

Published by Scholastic / Not yet published at time of going to post – Advertised September 2015

An Egyptian flavoured school crime story with the almost required ancient mummy and curse. An amalgamation of elements of circus, boarding school, Enid Blyton type of adventure with friendship ultimately winning through. Great fun. A phrase from the old Scooby Doo cartoons sprang to mind at the end. First person, 8-9 years. Lovely cover on the proof. I hope the art work will be reflected in that of the finished published volume (particularly that of the scaraband the lettering on the back). Advertised as September 2015

Oxford University Press/ 978019273673/ 9 – 12 / To be published in June 2015

Two characters from very diverse backgrounds collide from different directions only to combine their forces against adult forces that threaten something rather special. Feather is a young girl taken as a youngster to live as the daughter of a rock singer – now disheartened and
organised by everyone else. Nolan, on the other hand lives with a mother who by turns is frenzied, energetic, overly positive, bright like a star too close for comfort (with a new head of dramatic green hair) and… a heavy black depressed cloud.

It is a story of survival. Of secrets and young people trying to deal with things, in one case far too complicated and of friendship.

Not everything is perfect in life – Feather has everything she wants, apart from freedom. Nolan has everything he wants, except stability. This is brilliant new novel by a very well known and respected author. As it is due out in June I have only had a proof to read with a very early designed cover. I thought the above ‘Shadow Cat’ might be suitable, but doesn’t reflect the cover that Oxford University Press will ultimately give the book.