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6th October 2015

This will be one of the year’s biggest publications for children’s books.

The fans of Rick Riordan’s books are passionate about them and will be looking forward to the publication of this the first of his latest series based on ancient myths. He has covered the Greek mythology extensively, along with the Egyptians and in this he deals with the Vikings and the Norse Gods.

Magnus Chase is Riordan’s new hero – an unwilling new recruit in Valhalla and is intricately entwined in the lead up to Ragnarok, the day of judgement, when Oden’s and his followers will fight against Loki at the end of the world.

Full of wonderful and eccentric characters and gods – this is the start of yet another Riordan adventure that will take this world by storm – gods, wolves, dwarves, elves (unlike any you have come across before), heroes, magic, battles, giants, viking ships, talking swords, valkyrie,

and a deadly squirrel…

It really needs no review – the fact that it is the start of another Rick Riordan series will be enough – buy it for his fans for Christmas. If they don’t insist that you buy it before.

Once more – since I read the proof, I can’t be certain of the cover that this will have when it is published. My copy has this Fenris wolf design, but without Magnus’ silhouette – and is, I think better for it, but I suspect the illustration will be that which is shown above….

Published by Harper Collins

This is atmospheric and touching. The story of a young girl found on one of the uninhabited Scilly Isles in 1915…

The war coloured everything and the recent sinking of the Lusitania was one of the darkest periods of the war for the British that exacerbated people’s uncertainties and worries.

This is a story of people, with their prejudices and fears so close to the surface, that their reactions to anything strange or different changed their usual perceptions and beliefs.

The friendship between Alfie and this young wounded piece of human flotsam develops beautifully through the book.

There is history mixed with a moving story of an almost mute child thrown literally into the maelstrom of war. The parallel story of the S.S. Schiller and how the islanders tried to help that stricken ship was not one I knew about, let alone the resulting order that was to provide an area of protection around the islands forty odd years later.

Michael Morpurgo is probably one of the most recognised authors of Children’s Fiction – I have read, War Horse, Private Peaceful amongst others. All of his books have poignancy – and this new paperback is similarly endowed.

Published by Walker Books / ISBN 9781406353013

Not yet Published – May 2015

A story of illicit love. Cage fighting. Families, trust and tradition. Sammy-Jo is the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter in a large gypsy family with all the allegiances and difficulties a large peripatetic family can have. The family is a maelstrom of characters from her grandmother through to the youngsters in the family. One of her sisters is due to get married and the organisation is down to Sammy-Jo who uses her extraordinary ability in cage fighting to subsidise the cost. Though that becomes the least of her worries as the story unfurls. A love story reminiscent of Romeo and Juliette, but modern and with startling results.

Colourful and intricately told with detail that makes the gypsy way of life very vivid – superbly done. Brilliant.

Published by Chicken House / ISBN 978 1920002131
Friendship. Bravery. The big questions and extraordinary canine loyalty.

There are books that always provoke a reaction – have an instant emotional response. Always the same and always at the same point in the story. They are the good books. They are the books you remember. They are the books you tell everyone about. This is one of them.

Set in America. Written in first and third person. The cover could have been so much more – but as they say, and I firmly believe, never judge a book by its cover.

Published by Anderson Press / ISBN 978 1783442324 / Hardback / Not yet published: 30th April 2015

Published by Anderson Press / ISBN 978 1783443437 / Paperback / Not Yet Published:  7th May 2015

There seems to be some confusion about the publication date of this…

If you would like a copy I suggest you go into your local bookshop and order a hardback, or if you ae willing to wait a little longer the paperback. Or just go in and ask regularly until someone says, yes, its in stock or that they can order a copy for you…

Also note the spelling of the author’s first name, if you are going into a bookshop to search for a copy…just a little different.

This is a story of families, two that are thrown together after the death of Stewart’s mother two years ago and the splitting up of Ashley’s parents. Ashley’s mother has begun to go out with Stewart’s father at the beginning of the book and Stewart and his father move in to Ashley’s home not long after the beginning of the book. Ashley’s father is still around, living temporarily in an out house and the book relates what happens from that point. Ashley is very angry. Stewart is still mourning his mother and is a gifted boy, intellectually, but not necessarily emotionally and socially. Written from both Ashley and Stewart’s view-point I was concerned for both of them as they dealt with the transition that was being imposed on them by their parents’ and circumstances. I also worried, not a little about Schrödinger, Stewart’s cat…who is also (obviously) affected by the changes.

Very much about family issues and feelings – a ‘people’ book. A good use of language – and how it is important. It made me laugh out loud in places, but also dealt with quite deep subject matter too.

There are two sections in the back, one a Q&A with the author and also one covering ‘Discussion Questions.’

A little disappointed by the cover – the proof I read is blue with different coloured spots on it, similar to the image above. The published cover, if as advertised is white with pale pink and yellow spots – I’m not sure whether these were supposed to represent molecules but would suggest a more representative image of some sort of molecule would have been preferable. Wouldn’t matter, really what sort….

Published by Quercus / ISBN 9781848667174 / 9 – 12

Written in the first person, Stonebird has more of a punch than it might have had. This story is a story of loss, and stories, mixed with a rubbing of fantasy.  It is a heart felt book – written with care and understanding. Liam and his family have moved to be closer to his grandma, who is suffering from dementia. It is a volume that deals with all that comes with finding someone who is with you, isn’t the person you knew before.  The other side of the coin is the gargoyle that changes everything and the stories that are as powerful as stories always are – it is an extraordinary book. There is magic in some books, and there is in this one.