Coral herringbone wool blanketSome years ago I purchased a blue and white blanket from Atlantic Blankets. I regretted not buying a double size almost immediately, but thought it an extravagance to order another.

Then back in August last year I decided to try to lose some weight. Chocolate vanished. Bread disappeared (though I still have two wonderful multi-seeded loaves in my deep freezer), butter evaporated, as did marmalade. Chocolate biscuits went too. So did all my nibbles. Pasta is in my cupboard and might one day be turned into a collage. I set a challenge of 75 kg – and have been trying to lose weight ever since. Half way through I decided that if I managed it – I would buy myself that new blanket..and so it went on.

Recently I reached 75.2 kg…then 75.5, 75.9, 75.8, then I got down to 74.9 kg – I was SO excited. Went to get the camera, but by the time I returned my scales informed me I had put on some weight and was now back up to 75.2 k – AGAIN! In the time it took me to walk across my bedroom and back! It seemed I was never going to get my blanket…that was a few days ago.

Then this morning I woke, stoked the cat (essential first job of the day), went to the loo (always go to the loo before weighing yourself, you never know) and it said 74.9 kg. I didn’t believe it. I went for  my camera (if it didn’t go up again, THIS was IT) – and finally I got a photo. of my scales confirming I had achieved my first (I have another) weight goal!

I am so proud.

So I went out to forage food for my parents – both in total isolation, being in their late eighties and then returned home and placed my order for my new blanket at 14:00

By 14:08 I had an email to say ‘My Order is on it’s way’ – Just 8 minutes after I placed my order. I have been advised it should arrive TOMORROW! I rang them – they live in Cornwall, by the sea – a family business and spoke to Gemma – who confirmed she was determined to get my order out on ‘this shipment’ – and so had run to get the blanket for me and to make sure it went off. They are trying to limit the times the post office come to collect their orders to one per day…


If you would like to buy a gift for someone special. Something a bit different – visit their site. Their blankets are thick, not scratchy (in my opinion, anyway) and are BEAUTIFUL.

There MUST be someone out there who you know who would like one – or may be you would. Just buy one. Just keep it for yourself and those who would understand the need to buy a good quality item whilst the rest of the world goes mad…