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Published by Chicken House

A book for the winter. After the snow has come and it crunches under your feet. An element of Narnia with an endless winter. A winter that came and never left.

Since their parents have gone three girls and their brother have been left to survive on their own. Protected only by the rules their parents gave them. Oskar watching and looking out for his sisters – trying to be a little more than a big brother. Sanna the eldest sister sensible and doing the ‘right thing’. Or trying to. Mila listening to her sisters’ snores and snuffles in the night and missing her brother’s and last, but certainly not least, Pipa – the one whom everyone watches out for. As time goes past Oskar becomes more reticent. More impatient. Then they are visited by men on horseback. Late that night one sister sees her brother at the window. In the morning he’s gone too.

A story of a search though an unnatural winter. A tree cut down before its time and a mage – young and different – perhaps someone to trust…though perhaps too strange for that.

A story of families, siblings and sisters. Atmospheric and magical. A story to be read by a fire as Autumn turns.

Another Kiran Millwood Hargrave to enjoy.