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Published by Orion Books

I have two siblings, both older than I. A sister and a brother. Both in their separate ways have (I think) at various times felt ‘responsible’ for me. I remember a skiing holiday – which was perhaps the best skiing holiday I have ever had. Not that I have had many, but it was special for so many reasons. A highlight was skiing between two valleys with my brother so I could para-glide down from one of the mountain ridges later that morning.

I hope I didn’t often worry them as Avery does in this book of mystery, sisterly love and alligators.

Avery and Eliza live in a fishing village in Louisiana. Their lives revolving around the seasons of shrimping and the rising waters. An area filled with birds, amphibians, reptiles, mammals and the legendary loup-garou. An area of storms. A place not to go after dark. Particularly with a possible hurricane on the way. Certainly not a place to disappear into, to trace strange footprints in the mud.

Atmospheric. Captivating and a story of siblings, friendships and bravery. A book for everyone. Jess Butterworth’s third book, perhaps her best…but that is for you to decide.