Published by Nosy Crow

This is a book about fostering. About children and about those children who won’t be parted. It is a story of bravery and dealing with things that are far greater than those affected. It is also about people who are trying to help – and sometimes seeming not to be doing the best job. It is a story of people in particular Ira and Zac two siblings being moved around from home to home. Desperate that perhaps this time, maybe, the move will be their last. When they move into Skilly House, a care home, they make friends, only to lose them again as they leave. Then Ira finds a letter, hidden under a floorboard…and makes a different new friend…

Moving and beautifully written – a book for this time of year; perhaps the worst for being in care.

In the Finchley Road O2 Centre there is a Giving Tree, and gifts can be purchased for children who are in a care home. A simple system of choosing a label and purchasing a gift, which can be left in the O2 Management’s offices – buy this, and buy a gift for a youngster like Ira & Zac…it will be appreciated.