Published by Hodder Children’s Books

This is a charming, wonderful and eccentric story about a bear and a rabbit. It is also about gravity, snow, a theft and a wolf. There’s friendship, bravery, dinning habits, and poo, too.

It made me laugh out loud. Sadly most adult’s won’t read this book, because it is in the Children’s Section, and written for Children and they don’t have the time for childish things any more. Which is a pity. This book explains why rabbits do it.

In an attempt to encourage any adults who might be reading this blog, and who are willing to allow a little joy into their lives, I will transcribe a little of the story…

You must understand that Rabbit had eaten rather a large meal at this stage…

‘Then he did a little poo, and ate it. This rather embarrassing habit was the reason Rabbit never invited people over for tea.’

A truly charming little hardback book, with wonderful illustrations that catch the characters sublimely – by Jim Field and is one to go along with the Ottoline books by Chris Riddell.

This new sub-genre of small gift hardbacks is one that I hope will grow. Quality writing, with good illustrations, and wonderful stories, bound in boards so they last and will be treasured. What more could you want? Well, actually it seems there is to be a second Rabbit and Bear title, The Pest in the Nest, so with a little luck, perhaps Scholastic will leave these bound in boards and so encourage that little bit of gift purchasing that so often results in not just a love of reading but of actual books. Those things with leaves, boards, spines, made of paper, glue and sometimes thread; those wonderful almost living objects that line my walls and take up so much space…