Published by Walker Books

One of the most observant and intricate books – full of drama and adventure. Tribes of monkeys in India living side by side, some in relative comfort (living within the confines of a sacred site), others struggling to survive amongst the city and outside the walls of the graveyard. A reflection of human behaviour, using opportunities where they present themselves to overcome or take over another. Beautifully descriptive. This is war, it may be monkey wars, but for all that – you become engrossed within the tale of treachery and deceit. Frankly a stunning book that I should have reviewed when I began this blog, but that got left behind as
it was published well before I began it.

Bright yellow cover – makes it very distinctive. Out now, from all ‘Good Bookshops’ – a term I have never understood. When is a bookshop not a ‘good’ bookshop?