Published by Oxford University Press

2015 October – NYP

The book is set in a period when most of our problems, for those rich enough, have been solved. Space travel to other worlds is as regular as travelling to Europe through the Channel Tunnel. These sentient trains, however, travelling on rails though space, have their own wants and needs.

The worlds are also peopled by those made of flesh and blood, others who are living mechanical races with blue blood, and yet more who are a community, perhaps a hive of many small insects as a single person…

There is a richness of language within this too – ‘The smell of space clung to her, rich and smoky.’ which brings this book alive and colours it, however it is the adventure and the characters that really make the book – one I particularly loved illegally decorated the trains so well they craved to be vandalised (if that is the correct term)…and would race with pride through space displaying the art in all their glory, the colours and designs unique to each one.

Then there is the story, the adventure – Zen Stirling, a brilliantly clever petty thief, employed by Raven a mysterious figure to steal, what seems to be an innocuous box, from the greatest family travelling through space in their highly secure and highly armed train…

It’s brilliant.