Published by Nosy Crow

This is a book for those followers of superheros, whether they be Batman, Superman or any of the others that regularly save the world from destruction. This is not a graphic novel. Initially I wasn’t sure about this one and felt it was perhaps too light. I have, since I finished it, however, changed my mind.

A younger brother finds his brother has been given super powers. With that comes responsibility and he finds that he gains responsibilities too, that both surprise and challenge him. A superhero needs not only support, a cloak, but a mask and secrecy too.

Further more, there is usually someone out there, who is trying to take over or destroy the world and sometimes a superhero can do with a little help. Well quite a bit.

This was great fun, it also dealt with some serious issues. If your brother is a superhero has been captured, what exactly do you tell your parent’s? Especially the day before the world is due to end…

Light, but fun and we can all do with a little of that!

Once more, I am unsure as to whether the cover will stay as it is advertised on the ‘Net’ – advertised for July.