Published by Scholastic / Not yet Published September 2015

To be honest I am unsure in which age group I should put this small volume. Essentially it is about a young boy who believes he is actually a girl. The female pronoun is used for George throughout the book, which is a clever touch, but also slightly confusing. It is possibly the reason for using it.

George seems very young to me to be dealing with transgender issues. Which isn’t something I have had to experience, either for myself or as a friend of someone who has. So perhaps I am naive about this. The story of George and how he begins to let the world know is a touching one, though it also seems a little simplistic, but as an introduction to the idea, perhaps it is something that should be ‘out there’.

It is set in America, with American references and spellings etc. I don’t know whether these last will be changed for the English publication, but it might be worth noting for those who will be examined in English in the UK.

As always with proofs that haven’t yet been published, the cover may be subject to change…

January 2017 –

I have been asked to review my last post about this small volume by a customer who has direct experience of the subject; her son, born a daughter. He expressed his belief from a very early age and so, I have made a note that it should be within the 9 – 12 age group.

The use of the ‘correct’ pronoun for suffers is important – and within this story, though initially confusing for those of us who haven’t come across sexual dysphoria directly, is right and proper – and not just a device.

This is an important volume – it is not a subject that is covered in fiction for children, it is a unique children’s book in my experience. As such may be of help to those who are affected by this.

Having looked on the NHS site dealing with sexual dysphoria they suggest that anyone who has or has a child who may be showing signs that they have it, that they should contact their GP who may well refer them on to a specialist Gender Identity Clinic.