Published by David Fickling Books

ISBN 9781910200674

This was astonishingly good. Garvie Smith has the highest IQ and the lowest grades, ever recorded in his school. He is a young man who goes his own way. Applies his own logic and stands out a little from his friends and those around him. He knows about imaginary numbers (I don’t) – and applies the logic of mathematics to the daily conundrums that happen around him. Exams are on the horison, and getting closer, and his mother is worried.

Then an ex-girlfriend is found dead, and he finds himself drawn into the investigation. His curiosity is sharpened and he starts looking at the crime in his own inimitable way. In the process he meets DI Singh with whom he has a rather antagonistic relationship. The story is complex, the characters are superb – and I really rather ‘fell’ for Garvie. Which is strange as my brother would tell you; I have never been one for numbers. Perhaps he (my brother) can explain imaginary numbers to me. If he can’t it won’t matter, it adds to the ‘seasoning’ for want of a better phrase, of Garvie’s character.

This is a marvellous book. Another book for the Crime genre for young readers. It is extraordinary and I was sorry when the book came to an end, though pleased to see there is at least one more book about Garvie to come. I shall buy it.