Published by Walker Books / ISBN 9781406353013

Not yet Published – May 2015

A story of illicit love. Cage fighting. Families, trust and tradition. Sammy-Jo is the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter in a large gypsy family with all the allegiances and difficulties a large peripatetic family can have. The family is a maelstrom of characters from her grandmother through to the youngsters in the family. One of her sisters is due to get married and the organisation is down to Sammy-Jo who uses her extraordinary ability in cage fighting to subsidise the cost. Though that becomes the least of her worries as the story unfurls. A love story reminiscent of Romeo and Juliette, but modern and with startling results.

Colourful and intricately told with detail that makes the gypsy way of life very vivid – superbly done. Brilliant.