Published by Oxford University Press / ISBN 978 0192738134

Not yet published – June 2015

Willow’s life is safe, secure and she is happy living with her Mum and is happy going to school and hanging out with her friends. That is until her Mum starts to get letters which obviously disturb her and Willow is determined to find out who it is who is upsetting her so much, and why. This is very much about relationships and families and what happens when the past collides with the present. The story is compelling, and though it is unlikely that Willow wouldn’t do what she does, given the type of young girl she is, there is a feeling that other factors might intervene to prevent her.

A good book dealing with some hard issues…

As always – since this isn’t published till June, I can’t be certain of the design of the cover – this is the one the Internet has provided…it may be all very different by the time it goes to press.