Published by Walker Books ISBN 978 1406306682 Hardback

Published by Walker Books ISBN 978 1406325911 Paperback – Poss. Out of Print
Is one of the greatest adventure stories of all time – a true classic. In these editions the story is unabridged.

For those who don’t know Treasure Island I should I perhaps give a little introduction. The book introduces the reader to Jim Hawkins and relates Jim’s adventures on the high seas where he meets a range of colourful characters and ultimately  of course  that marvellous villain, Long John Silver…and of course Captain Flint! It is a volume full of adventure, pirates, treasure, swashbuckling, fights and of course a parrot…

It was initially published in a beautiful large format hardback.

Sadly though not so good should you wish to curl up by a fire to read as it is perhaps a little too large. It must be said though that the hardback edition does show off John Lawrence’s illustrations to perfection.

The smaller paperback with the extended paper-boards that fold back into the book, (thus giving the book more strength) is a lovely volume. Printed on cream paper with the same illustrations as the hardback it is, however, the right size for reading under the bedclothes.

I once had a customer who was thinking of buying a copy of Treasure Island. It was the first English book he had read and he thought he might read it again, but did we have a nice copy? Which is always a difficult question…

When shown this he said it was exactly what he wanted and that the illustrations were just right – they supported what he remembered imagining when he first read it, and promptly bought it.

I am unsure whether you can  still purchase this book new – however you can always try the Internet site Via Libri if you find you are unable to track one down in the usual way.