This book is perfect, apart from one fact – it seems to have gone out of print.

I am an admirer of John Lawrence’s illustrations and with this book, in my view he surpassed himself. The detail is extraordinary and combined with Chris Butterworth’s informative text makes this a perfect book. Sadly it seems, now out of print. It was published both in hardback and paperback by Walker Books, who really ought to look at their back lists to make sure that gems like this and Treasure Island, also by illustrated by John Lawrence do not find their way on their remaindered or out of print lists.

Some would say it is down to sales – and to a degree this is true. We have less contact with publishers in the stores these days, so it is up to them to make sure that the old beautifully worked books are brought to the relevant people’s attention.

This is a book, that is informative, accurate and beautifully illustrated.

There is an Intenet site called Via Libri – if you can’t trace this volume any other way, I suggest you look at their site. Just be carefull about the condition and where the book is coming from.