Published by Chicken House / ISBN 978 910002575 / Not yet Published – June 2015

This is a story of a long promised miracle.   Friendship. A grandfather’s gift to his grandson. Bravery, a circus elephant, magic, a talking parrot, illusion and the circus itself.

Not just any circus though, this one is the most extraordinary.

Micah’s grandfather is dying and Micah would do anything to
prevent this from happening even if it means believing in things that don’t seem to be there. He hears music and sees things that ought not to be able to be seen.

The right things happen, but not necessarily in a way that is expected.  Micah hopes that the magic of the circus and a promised miracle will save his grandfather and he searches for ways to make this come true. Not all tickets to a circus are the usual paper and card. If you ever come across such a circus as this remember that an incan quipu might be just the thing to get you in.

A tale of what happens when you believe in magic – just remember never to look down…

Superb. I loved it.

As always – I can’t be sure that the above illustration of the cover is that which will be used by the publisher (as the book isn’t out till June) – to be honest, I hope they can do something a little better for it The design seems a little obvious and this has so much more in it that could be suggested in the cover and so encourage readers to pick it up. Still, it is the one that is being published on the Internet at the time of going to post.

Remember, never rely on a cover to give an indication of how good a book will be. Sometimes that can be so misleading….