Published by Harper Collins / ISBN 978 0007545766 Hardback

Finn is 12 and would like to train to become a vet. He likes animals. All sorts of animals.

He does not want to be the last Legend Hunter. He doesn’t seem to be particularly good at it either. In fact it could be said that he isn’t very good at all, at hunting down the monsters like hungry minotaurs… His father though, has every faith that his son will come through and prove himself. If only he can get the moves right and not trip over his own feet first.

This book is about betrayal, bravery against absurd opponents, not least when trying to subdue creatures with way too many teeth (many of which seem to protrude) and the school bullies. It is also about finding out who your friends are when the things really get out of hand.

It is great fun.

The monsters do what they do best, and Finn (with some help) comes through relatively unscathed though at the end of the book his situation isn’t quite what he had aimed for – which is a relief because there’s a second volume due to be published in August and I’m really looking forward to the next installment.