Published by Walker Books / ISBN 978 1406331165 / Teenage – Adult / Not yet published: 27th August 2015

I am not certain, but I think I prefer this to The Knife of Never Letting Go (first volume of Chaos Walking – see review) – however, I think this is so different from that trilogy that I am probably comparing a kiwi with an English Cox, and so the comparrison isn’t fair.

This really is very different, not least because the stories (there are numberous stories in this book, really as many as there are characters) that you are involved in are not necessarily the main story – but then again they are.

It is an extraordinary volume and I loved it and will be texting my friend Min to tell her to read this one – I bet she hasn’t had a proof!

Filled with something that might be soul-eating ghosts, or perhaps zombies with blue lights and death, along with the everyday problems of a family, and friendship, along with those resulting from life changing opportunities and just trying to survive, each character has their own particular intrinsic worries and concerns…It really is a superb book. Enjoy it!