Published by Bloomsbury / ISBN 978 0747581062

This is a story of the old variety. We all know that the original tales told to children were darker than those now filled with saccharin and sugar substitutes.

Life seems to have been different then.

This is a story of a girl who every night releases the happy endings to all the stories into the sky from her sack so that stories being told to children around the world will have those happy endings. It relates what happens when a witch demands the sack of endings from her. She spits at the girl, twice, but her end is quite as dark as you could wish for. Jane Raye’s illustration of the conflagration of the witch is graphic. When I expressed concern (after all the witch was only doing what witches are traditionally supposed to do), my colleague’s reply was – ‘But she spat at her. Twice!’ So there is a moral to this.

As a witch, it seems you are allowed to do evil things. As long as you don’t spit at the heroine, you may live to feature in another tale. Otherwise…